From the recording Breathe


So you need to find a way to escape––
Well take your pick,
What will it be?
A movie ticket,
Turn on the TV.
Will it be alcohol, or basketball?
A smoke or two, but between me & you––
Don't do anything I wouldn't do!
Well, you need to find a way to escape.
Why don't you take a walk down to the park?
enjoy the scenery, the birds and the trees.
How 'bout a diet coke, a root-beer float, a chocolate cake, a coffee break,
but don't do anything I wouldn't do!
So you need to get away for a while,
Take a happy pill, spend your last dollar bill.
Stay out all night, take a midnight flight.
Turn out the lights and dance away the night!
Don't think twice, no one has the right––
To tell you anything you shouldn't do!