1. Broken

From the recording Broken


What once was clear to me is now a mystery
Life is so strange I can't explain my history
My heart has locked itself and thrown away the key
My eyes are tired , now I'm blind I cannot see
I shut the door I try to feel
What's left inside my soul that's real
I close my eyes
I try to dream
And so I drink the night away
As the tears I cried begin to fade,, across my soiled face
I feel so Broken
So lost and scared
I'm Broken, my happiness has turned to grey
I'm Broken
So lost and scared
I'm Broken
My happiness has turned to grey
I've been lost inside my skin for years
And somewhere I drowned beneath my tears
I cannot breath
I gasp for air and then I see
The one who cast this spell on me
How could you be so cruel?
From time to time I fall and see
Images of you and me
The past becomes reality
My head i spinning....crazy